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Exploring Damage Contractor Tools and Techniques

Hi, my name is Jeb Norwich. I would like share information about hiring damage contractors to fix units in my apartment building. I own a small six unit building that has a high turnover rate. Jobs in the area frequently require semi-permanent travel to new areas. As a result, people need a place to stay for six to nine months at a time. Although most renters leave the place in good condition, some people cause a lot of damage to the floors, walls and exterior components. When faced with a severely damaged unit, I trust the restoration to my local damage contractors. I will share information about the services these contractors provide. My site will also cover all of the tools and techniques used for each job. Thank you.


5 Reasons To Hire A Plumber After A Flood

Floods cause major devastation to your community, yard, and home. Even after the flood waters have receded, there may be problems with many aspects of your home, including the plumbing. If your home has experienced a flood, minor or major, check out these five reasons you may need to hire a plumber from a place like VINES PLUMBING & WATER RESTORATION.

Something in Your Home Caused the Flood

Not all floods are caused by a natural disaster. It may simply be something in your home, such as a burst pipe, broken faucet, or damaged appliance (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.). While you may be able to fix the problem yourself by shutting off water to the broken pipe/faucet or tossing out the appliance, you should actually call a plumber. A plumber can fix any potential leaks or underlying problems, some of which you may not even be aware of. Similarly, a plumber can fix your expensive broken appliances, so you may not need to replace them.

Your Water Smells or Looks Unpleasant

Depending on where you live, your water may not look or taste the same as everyone else's. However, after a flood, it is imperative you look for any abnormal discoloration, odor, and taste. The likely cause for smelly and discolored water is contamination, and the most likely culprit after a flood is sewage from your sewage line, a septic tank, residual flood water, etc. Therefore, if your water looks or smells strange, call a plumber before using it. If your sewage line is broken, you may also smell it throughout your home, particularly if it is overflowing through a basement toilet or faucet.  

Drains Are Clogged or Overflowing

Flood water doesn't just bring water. It brings dirt and debris. When the water recedes, it doesn't always take all the dirt and debris with it. This can lead to clogged or overflowing drains, which need to be properly cleaned. Drains inside your home, such as in a basement shower, may be clogged with dirt from the flood water. The drains outside your home that direct water away from your home may also be clogged, increasing the risk of water spilling into a basement or other subgrade room. A plumber can clean the drains and connected pipes while repairing any potential damage.

You Have a Septic Tank

If you have a septic tank, a flood may cause it to overflow, especially if you haven't emptied it in a while. If this happens, the waste from your septic tank may spill into your yard. In a worse-case scenario, it may even reach and contaminate groundwater. The most obvious sign your septic tank is overflowing is smell and pooling contaminated water above the tank. However, in many cases, the leak may be less noticeable. You may not notice anything is wrong until the grass above the tank begins to look greener and fuller than the rest of your yard. This is why it is simply a good idea to have a plumber inspect your tank after a flood.

You Rely on Drinking Water from a Well

If you have a drinking well, examine it for color and odor as you would city water. Wells are even more prone to contamination when exposed to floods. The deeper the well, the less likely it is contaminated. Another reason your drinking water may be affected is if you own a septic tank that is leaking. It's not just groundwater your septic tank can contaminate. It can also contaminate your drinking well. If your well water looks/smells strange or tests positive for contaminants, contact a plumber.

Even a small flood can have major consequences inside and outside your home. Flood water often contains contaminants, sewage, debris, and dirt, which can affect your home and health. For more information, or if you need a plumber, contact one in your area today.